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Who are we?

We are group of certified and wanna be  certified project managers interested in serving our community by providing a venue to our community and other professionals to expand their network and learn about most recent job opportunities available in the market.

What we do

We are building a community to help each other through mentoring, sharing ideas, blogging, answering questions, training, careers advancement and job search and any other support might be needed. Our core event is a monthly networking event for professionals and recruiters.

How it is done?

Monthly Events: every month, we invite recruiters, hiring managers and decision makers to join our networking event to talk directly with prospect candidates. Before each event, we ask them to provide us with the list of their openings for that month. At the same time, we ask our attendees (professionals like you), to upload their resumes to our portal 7 days before the event to be shared with attending recruiters. If they show interest to have one on one with any of our guests at the event, we will arrange it. On the day event, recruiters are identified with special nametags and available to talk to our guests. 

Community: We will create an online community for our guests to be able to connect with each other after each event, shape group-study teams to prepare for certifications, ask for special training or special events, etc.


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Join us on August 9 to meet  recruiters and hiring managers face to face and network with your 


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Send your questions to Info@careersconnected.com


Feedback from our guests...

Rudy:5 star It's always good to meet other people to exchange ideas, knowledge and learn from each other. Thank you Farnaz for this wonderful, well organized professional Program Managment event, It was great.please keep it up!
Jacob:5 star  

Few words from the founder

  • I obtained my PMP certification in 2005  and since then I have been a faithful member of PMI. After working  for several years as an independent contractor, I have gained  an insight to an ongoing need in the project management community for staying on top of the job market through networking, supporting each other, improving our skills and making direct contact with decision makers, recruiters and hiring managers.
    I am hoping through 'Careers Connected' network we could offer a service to the project management community to fulfill this ongoing demand. I am looking forward to meeting you in our next event.

Farnaz Ravandi


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.